1972 Nominated for a NAMM TEC Award

The 1972 has been recognised by the audio industry and nominated for a TEC Award at the 2024 NAMM Show, January 25-28, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California.

Wish us luck.

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1977 Channel Strip

If you're looking to add vintage characteristics and analog musicality to your recordings then look no further than the 1977, Drawmer's most comprehensive channel strip to date.

The 1977 gives you the clarity of an ultra clean preamplifier, the precision of the three band parametric equaliser, the silkiness of the soft knee compressor and added to this the ability to dial in as much warmth as you desire via the 3 types of variable harmonic saturation.

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A close up of the 1972 front panel left side


1972 Dual Mic Line & Instrument Pre-Amplifier

Introducing the 1972 Dual Mic, Line & Instrument Pre-Amplifier. Developed to capture perfect recordings every time, from a variety of sources and utilising the multitude of microphones that you find in the studio, from budget to high-end dynamic and also ribbon mics. Uniquely it has added features that help out in difficult to record situations that are not found on other preamplifiers.

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Watch David Gnozzi give a demonstration of the 1972 for vocals and guitar:

MixbusTV photo showing David Gnozzi holding a 1972


Courtesy of MixbusTV Youtube Channel - thanks David!

A close up of the 1970 front panel meters

1970 Dual FET Compressor and Pre-Amplifier

Introducing a new thoroughbred from the Drawmer stable, the 1970 Dual F.E.T. Compressor and Pre-Amplifier, with a heritage based around the first pro audio "tool box" compressor, the illustrious Drawmer 1960, but with a greatly expanded feature set, it is one of the most adaptable mic preamplifier/compressors on the market today, that every engineer will appreciate, bringing vintage audio characteristics at an affordable price.

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A photo showing the 1974 High Mid and High bands

1974 Stereo Parametric Equaliser

With just one set of controls for both channels, the 1974 four band Stereo Parametric Equaliser is a genuine stereo unit delivering a vintage tonal quality reminiscent of 1970's gear the is its inspiration. Variable Low-cut & High-cut filters perfectly tune out any unwanted signals, and with fully variable bandwidth, you have absolute control over the parametric mid-bands

Switchable slope, plus low peak, allows you to adjust the focus & magnify the bottom end, and with indented & accurate potentiometers, you get greater precision with fast & simple recall.

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A photo of the 1976 front panel showing the mid and high bands

1976 Stereo 3 Band Saturation & Width Processor

The 1976 Stereo 3 Band Saturation & Width Processor will inject character, colour & life into your recordings and live sound.

When it comes to vintage saturation why compromise with digital plug-ins, achieve the warmth only true analogue can bring! With 3 bands, the stereo width of the Lows, Mids & Highs can be adjusted to add real presence and depth to your mix, with genuine stereo operation and at an affordable price.

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CMC3 Monitor Controller & CMC7 Surround Monitor Controller


Watch Kieron briefly outline the features of the CMC3 and CMC7 at Musikmesse 2018.

Courtesy of MusicStoreTV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!

A top view of the MC7.1 showing all the controls


MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller

The MC7.1 is a monitor controller that's just as capable whether you work with 7.1, 5.1, stereo and more.

Coming from the same world class pedigree, and just as transparent as the renowned MC2.1 and MC3.1 monitor controllers, the MC7.1 allows you to step up to surround effortlessly.

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A top view of the CMC2 showing all the controls


CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller

The new CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller is a low cost, low profile, compact desktop controller.

Using the same audio accurate and transparent circuitry as the ever popular MC2.1 & MC3.1 monitor controllers, the CMC2 has a reduced the feature set to be more pocket friendly for those how want all the quality but fewer features of our more complex monitor controllers.

Find out more here.

A view of the 1978 fron from the left side

Award Winning 1978

Resolution Award 2016 Winner

We are very proud to announce that Drawmer have won yet another award. The 1978 Stereo FET Tonal Shaping Compressor has won the prestigious Resolution Magazine Award 2016 in the category of dynamics.

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Video review / demo

MC3.1 Monitor Controller

Our friends at MixBus TV have now released a full video review and demo of our new MC3.1 Monitor Controller. The video gives a really comprehensive look at the full feature set of the unit & will hopefully answer any questions you may have

For more information about MixBus TV, see their Facebook page

Courtesy of MixBus TV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!

Gear4Music logo

A New Dealer in the UK


We are delighted to announce the appointment of Gear4Music as a new dealer of Drawmer products in the U.K.. Launched in 2003 and now with over 590,000 customers, Gear4music.com is a leading retailer of musical instruments and music equipment. For more information go to their website at www.gear4music.com, or email info@gear4music.com.