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Introducing the new 1977

NEW PRODUCT - 1977 Channel Strip


If you're looking to add vintage characteristics and analog musicality to your recordings then look no further than the 1977, Drawmer's most comprehensive channel strip to date.


The 1977 gives you the clarity of an ultra clean preamplifier, the precision of the three band parametric equaliser, the silkiness of the soft knee compressor and added to this the ability to dial in as much warmth as you desire via the 3 types of variable harmonic saturation.


To find out how the 1977 can help you to perfect your recordings go here.





New Product - 1972 Dual Mic Line & Instrument Pre-Amplifier


Introducing the 1972 Dual Mic, Line & Instrument Pre-Amplifier. Developed to capture perfect recordings every time, from a variety of sources and utilising the multitude of microphones that you find in the studio, from budget to high-end dynamic and also ribbon mics. Uniquely it has added features that help out in difficult to record situations that are not found on other preamplifiers.

To find out how to make recording effortless go here.




Watch David Gnozzi give a demonstration of the 1972 for vocals and guitar:




Courtesy of MixbusTV Youtube Channel - thanks David!



1970 - Dual FET Compressor and Pre-Amplifier


Introducing a new thoroughbred from the Drawmer stable, the 1970 Dual F.E.T. Compressor and Pre-Amplifier, with a heritage based around the first pro audio "tool box" compressor, the illustrious Drawmer 1960, but with a greatly expanded feature set, it is one of the most adaptable mic preamplifier/compressors on the market today, that every engineer will appreciate, bringing vintage audio characteristics at an affordable price.

To find out how the 1970 can help you to take your recordings to a new level go here.


A review of the 1970 by Tape Op magazine can be found here.





Two New Products - 1974 Stereo Parametric Equaliser & 1976 Stereo 3 Band Saturation & Width Processor


With just one set of controls for both channels, the 1974 four band Stereo Parametric Equaliser is a genuine stereo unit delivering a vintage tonal quality reminiscent of 1970's gear the is its inspiration. Variable Low-cut & High-cut filters perfectly tune out any unwanted signals, and with fully variable bandwidth, you have absolute control over the parametric mid-bands.

Switchable slope, plus low peak, allows you to adjust the focus & magnify the bottom end, and with indented & accurate potentiometers, you get greater precision with fast & simple recall.

To find out how the 1974 can bring out the best in your recordings go here.





The 1976 Stereo 3 Band Saturation & Width Processor will inject character, colour & life into your recordings and live sound.

When it comes to vintage saturation why compromise with digital plug-ins, achieve the warmth only true analogue can bring! With 3 bands, the stereo width of the Lows, Mids & Highs can be adjusted to add real presence and depth to your mix, with genuine stereo operation and at an affordable price.


To find out how the 1976 can warm and glue your mix go here.





CMC3 Monitor Controller & CMC7 Surround Monitor Controller - Now Shipping


The new CMC7 Surround Monitor Controller is the perfect, cost effective alternative to the Drawmer MC7.1 and appeals to users who wish to simplify the monitoring functions on their 8 channel or 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound applications. In fact, it's so good it's been nominated for a 35th Namm Tec Award. Find out more here.




The new CMC3 Monitor Controller conbines the best features from our three best selling monitor controllers. Find out more here.





Watch Kieron briefly outline the features of the CMC3 and CMC7 at Musikmesse 2018.

Courtesy of MusicStoreTV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!



New Product - MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller


The MC7.1 is a monitor controller that's just as capable whether you work with 7.1, 5.1, stereo and more.


Coming from the same world class pedigree, and just as transparent as the renowned MC2.1 and MC3.1 monitor controllers, the MC7.1 allows you to step up to surround effortlessly.


To find out why the MC7.1 impresses so much go here.





New Product - CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller


The new CMC2 Compact Monitor Controller is a low cost, low profile, compact desktop controller.


Using the same audio accurate and transparent circuitry as the ever popular MC2.1 & MC3.1 monitor controllers, the CMC2 has a reduced the feature set to be more procket friendly for those how want all the quality but fewer features of our more complex monitor controllers. Find out more here.





Award Winning 1978 - Resolution Award 2016 Winner


We are very proud to announce that Drawmer have won yet another award. The 1978 Stereo FET Tonal Shaping Compressor has won the prestigious Resolution Magazine Award 2016 in the category of dynamics.


To find out why the 1978 impresses so much go here.





MC3.1 Monitor Controller - Video review / demo


Our friends at MixBus TV have now released a full video review and demo of our new MC3.1 Monitor Controller. The video gives a really comprehensive look at the full feature set of the unit & will hopefully answer any questions you may have


For more information about MixBus TV, see their Facebook page

Courtesy of MixBus TV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!


Gear4Music - Our New Dealer in the UK

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Gear4Music as a new dealer of Drawmer products in the U.K.. Launched in 2003 and now with over 590,000 customers, Gear4music.com is a leading retailer of musical instruments and music equipment. For more information go to their website at www.gear4music.com, or email info@gear4music.com.





S73 - Master Processor plugin available


The S73 Intelligent Master Processor is the result of a collaboration between ourselves and the world leading developer of audio recording software and plug-ins, Softube. With an underlying architecture modelled on 1973 Stereo FET Three Band Compressor, but with an interface that has reduced the number of controls to just a handful, it simplifies the multi-band compression process.


To find out more head over to the Softube website here.






1973 Multi-Band FET Compressor - Video review / demo


Our friends at MixBus TV have now released a full video review and demo of our 1973 Multi-band FET compressor. The video gives a really comprehensive look at the full feature set of the 1973, with lots of audio examples with different sources.


For more information about MixBus TV, see their Facebook page

Courtesy of MixBus TV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!



1978 Stereo FET Compressor - Video review / demo


We have teamed up with MixBus TV to bring you comprehensive reviews and demonstrations of Drawmer gear. First up is the 1978 Stereo FET Tonal Shaping Compressor. An extensive video covering all instruments as well as master buss processing.


For more information about MixBus TV, see their Facebook page

Courtesy of MixBus TV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!



Introducing the 1978 - The Stereo FET Compressor with Character and Tonal Shaping


Following the success of the 1973 multi-band, we bring the 1978 buss compressor to market. A stereo FET compressor with extreme control, being equipped with switches that offer different compression characters, a variable saturation control to add harmonic distortion to the signal, and comprehensive sidechain tonal shaping with variable high-pass and low-pass filters as well as a wet/dry mix control. In line with the 1973 the 1978 offers an unequalled array of control at a price that is in reach of even the smallest project studio. Find out more here.


Watch Kieron briefly outlining the features of the 1978 at Musikmesse 2015.

Courtesy of DelamarTV Youtube Channel - thanks guys!



Award Winning 1973 - Three Band Stereo FET Compressor


We are very proud to announce that the 1973 Three Band Compressor has won the prestigious Resolution Magazine Award 2014 in the category of dynamics.


For more information about the 1973 go here.





Leidian Audio - Our New Distributor in China

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Leidian Audio as our new exclusive distributor thoughout China. For more information go to their website at www.leidianaudio.com, email leidianaudio@gmail.com or telephone +86-13466671531.


Leidian Audio China



SEA Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH - Now handling exclusive Swiss distribution for Drawmer.


Drawmer Electronics Ltd. are proud to announce S.E.A. Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH as the exclusive distributors for the full Drawmer product range throughout Switzerland as of 1st July 2014.


Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Kirchfeld, CEO and founder of S.E.A comments “ Ivor Drawmer is a living legend in the pro audio world. His inventions and product developments have had a significant impact on the recording industry for more than 35 years. Drawmer is still an innovative and ground breaking manufacturer and his newest product developments are clear proof of this: the excellent MC2.1 monitor controller and the outstanding 3-band stereo compressor 1973 created a lot of hype and heralded the second spring of Drawmer. After managing distribution for Drawmer very successfully in Germany and Austria since 2005, we are very pleased to offer our distribution services to our Swiss dealer network starting on the 1st of July 2014”.


Ivor Drawmer MD of Drawmer Electronics comments "After nearly ten years of excellent support and growth of the Drawmer brand across Germany and Austria from Uwe and his team, there was only one company to approach when the opportunity arose for a new distributor in Switzerland. S.E.A have done a phenomenal job on promoting our latest studio equipment and with more exciting new products in the pipeline I see this great partnership going from strength to strength".


Currently, the SEA sales team including the Managing Director Uwe and Katharina Kirchfeld includes 30 employees in sales, consulting, order processing, shipping and support that provide with comprehensive advice and fast order processing for a competent customer service.


For more information contact

Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Kirchfeld

S.E.A. Vertrieb & Consulting GmbH - Germany

Auf dem Diek 6, DE-48488,



Email: uk@sea-vertrieb.de

Tel: +49 (0) 5903 9388 - 44

Fax: +49 (0) 5903 9388 - 55

Website: www.sea-vertrieb.de


S.E.A. New Distributor in Switzerland





Introducing the 1973 - Three Band Stereo FET Compressor


Expanding on our renowned range of dynamics processors we introduce an affordable Three Band Stereo FET Compressor that every engineer will appreciate - the 1973. The culmination of 30 years of development and experience, the 1973 combines the functionality and control of the world class DRAWMER S3 with the familiarity and quality of the illustrious 1960 and 1968, providing three bands of transparent soft knee compression for the price of a conventional full band compressor.


For more information go here






Namm TECT Award Nomination - for the MC2.1 Monitor Controller


We are very happy to announce that the Drawmer MC2.1 Monitor Controller has been nominated for an award at the NAMM Foundation 29th annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards in the category of 'Amplification Hardware/Studio & Sound Reinforcement'.


The TEC Awards ceremony recognizes the year’s best audio products and projects, as voted upon by industry professionals and will be held at NAMM Show, Anaheim, California, on Friday, January 24, 2014. To see a full list of the nominees go to the NAMM awards website here.


MC2.1 TEC Award